i feels better today

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
feels literally release after i sent a letter to my friend (the one who i hd crisis with)... i hope its explain everything.
& i want everyone to kno that "friendship is delicate as a mirror, once its broken, it can be fixed, but still, we can see the cracks on its motherfuc** (woops) reflection"

p/s: trust ur friend & love them..we need friends in our life's journey..am i right?

why this cruelty

Sunday, February 7, 2010

owh..i dont know how to start this..
its hurt, when ur best fren dint trust u, dint believe in u ..
so much pain when u get shoot & burst out by missile (exaggeratin' uols)
luckily its not a real gun! owh no u dont!

I pray to u God to give me strength, & release me from this cruelty. Amen
im still happy & grateful to hv a good friends..that understand me, cherished & loving me.
Thank you. U guys r the precious gift i ever had. XOXOXO