Monday, March 29, 2010
im back again.. fuh..its been more than a month dint sign in here.. lately i've lot of work to do..working on my research proposal, teaching assistant ~ conducting undergraduate tutorials(scheme for postgrad students), committee mmber of IGCESH* International Graduate Conference on Engineering and Science Humanity..tiring but surely, gaining a lot of experience & after a busy worka-holic weekday..of coz on weekend its time for me to spend my time wit ma friends. hang out, karaoke, watching movies & blah3..huhuw!! love u guys!!

how about holiday? i dint plan my holiday yet.. really miss my family. but for sure, im going back to Srawak before Gawai.

Fabian & Kenny, when r we going to do the reunion? cant wait for that.
urmm..talking about friend..i feels little dsappointed, which i dint get any invitation from my friends for their wedding..urmm..Congratz anyway.

by the way, who want to present their paper in IGCESH conference, just send ur abstract to for local student u hv to pay RM150..half price compared to the others. worth the money ,okay.

ow2, one more thing, dont forget to subscribe Dondria aka Phatfffat music video- "You're the one" on Youtube, okay?!

i think, thats ol for today. cha~

p/s: be cool & positive