so-called diary

Sunday, April 18, 2010 back.
i spent half day at lab, watching music video on youtube, writing my research proposal..& listening to the music..yuh, everyday the same..
owh & i met michelle yesterday. we had 20 minutes chatting & gossiping,very funny debate about this 2 & this 3..Im not gonna write it here..ridic,& no optimism..haha.
missing Michelle so much. wishing u, ol the best in ur exam.

ow ow, last nite Kak Reen & Kak Ima cooked us maggie curry at postgrad room..nyum2..thanks for the treat anyway. I cannot wait to hang out & karaoke-ing with em'. Mr.Shah is invited okay, as special guest.hahaha

today, i am supposed to go to UTM KL, to organise the Compentency Course on Commissioner of Building, but.i've to cancel my plan then, bcoz this coming wednesday i got meeting on International Conference at Postgrad School.

i think thats for today. more later


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